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The agriculture industry is the sector of the economy that produces livestock, poultry, fish and crops. This is a vital industry that is important to the food security of every nation and region. It is also a significant sector of the economy that includes a large number of small businesses.

Agriculture Industry Articles:

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USDA Unveils Agriculture Innovation Agenda

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue on February 20 announced the launch of the Agriculture Innovation Agenda, a department-wide initiative to align resources, programs and research to position American agriculture to better meet future global demands.

USDA Projects Stronger Exports in 2020, But China Numbers Not Included

USDA’s initial outlook for 2020 crops projects higher acreage for both corn and soybeans — taking up a significant amount of last year’s prevented planting acres — with soybean prices up slightly but corn prices expected to come down.

“2020 is a big year for trade, of course … and that is going to help sales and prices,” Johansson said.

2020 Farm Sector Income Forecast

Net cash farm income is forecast to decrease $10.9 billion (9.0 percent) to $109.6 billion in 2020, relative to the 2019 forecast. Net farm income, a broader measure of profits, is forecast to increase $3.1 billion (3.3 percent) from 2019 to $96.7 billion in 2020.