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Health & Life Sciences

Health science and life science both focus on the study of different living things on earth. Life science generally seeks to answer the what, where, how and why of all living things, but health science focuses on the discovery, treatment and preservation of animals and human beings.

Health & Life Sciences Articles:

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Dr. Phil & Dr. Oz Release Revolutionary Product, Causing Outburst In The Health Community!

“Users of Premium CBD are experiencing results that before now were only possible through prescription medication. It’s obviously a much cheaper, and safer alternative and because of that pharmaceutical companies are finding it harder to keep patients using their prescriptions.”

The Future of Health Systems to 2030: A Roadmap for Global Progress and Sustainability

Most research on health systems examines contemporary problems within one, or at most a few, countries. Breaking with this tradition, we present a series of case studies in a book written by key policymakers, scholars and experts, looking at health systems and their projected successes to 2030.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Drug Discovery

Machine learning and other technologies are expected to make the hunt for new pharmaceuticals quicker, cheaper and more effective.

An enormous figure looms over scientists searching for new drugs: the estimated US$2.6-billion price tag of developing a treatment. A lot of that effectively goes down the drain, because it includes money spent on the nine out of ten candidate therapies that fail somewhere between phase I trials and regulatory approval.

How can medical device companies thrive in the future?

Medical device data is becoming more important than the hardware itself, so medtech companies need to forge a partnership with consumer technology companies to stay innovative, according to a new report from Deloitte.