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Transportation and Logistics

The transportation and logistics industries are responsible for producing, obtaining and distributing products and goods to the correct destination in the appropriate quantities. Logistics industries use the process of planning, controlling and implementing procedures for the effective and efficient storage and transportation of goods.

Transportation and Logistics Industry Articles:

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The 4 Forces Transforming Logistics, Supply Chain and Transportation Today

Few industries or business functions are experiencing as much disruption as logistics, supply chain and transportation. In fact, according to a recent Forbes Insights survey of more than 400 senior transportation-focused executives, 65% say tectonic shifts in these areas are driving an era of profound transformation.

Global Transportation and Logistics Industry Outlook Report 2019

This study analyzes these various trends and provides the 2019 growth outlook for the global transportation and logistics industry in terms of size, by region and by industry segments, such as freight transportation, covering ocean freight, air freight, and overland freight; warehousing; freight forwarding; and Courier, Express, and Parcel (CEP) services.

It also covers the stature of technology concepts, infrastructure trends, and opportunities relating to Industry 4.0, emission regulations, cross-border trade, infrastructure modernization, and industry digitalization and their implications for logistics and supply chain service providers. The specific digital technologies covered include Blockchain, augmented reality, data analytics, drone technologies, Internet of Things (IoT) robotic systems, and 3D printing.