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Corporate Strategy

Where do you want your business to be next year or in the next three to five years?

Identifying an optimal business strategy is essential to success.  Our team starts by establishing core fundamentals with respect to industry standards. TCCF often supports senior executives in analyzing major strategic opportunities. While the exact go-to-market strategy is different for each business, the steps to build a plan of action follow a common sequence.

  • Business goals establishment
  • Strategy execution and mapping
  • Return on investments goals
  • Mission, vision, values
The Crane Consulting Firm will help you determine
  • Personalized and digital marketing, strategies, as well as initiate and execute initiatives
  • The next stage of sales generation through enhanced sales techniques, which include lead generation, sales process management and deal capture Learn more about our ability to help you grow your sales activity.
  • Go-to-market strategy in emerging markets
  • Sales and channel transformation
  • Pricing
  • New market emergence strategies
  • New industry emergence strategies
  • Organizational start-up initiatives
  • Sales distribution channels and network

Our consultants will guide you to better understand what is going on within, and beyond, your competitive environment. We assist you in ensuring all levels of your organization implement and execute changes that align with your strategic goals and objectives.

Is your business “pre-revenue or new” with no documented organizational goals?  It is not too late to get started. Allow Crane consultants to assist you with determining the most optimal strategic goals for your firm, and clearly define your mission, vision, and values.

By executing a variety of data analysis, we can determine crucial drivers and key performance indicators (KPI) vital to driving a profitable return on investment (ROI).

Guiding companies through strategic change and transformation is our specialty—whether the change involves a full-scale transformation of all commercial functions, or making single-function advances in marketing, pricing, or sales.

Our goal is supporting our clients in constructing a clear business strategy, defining where the business is headed, and creating cohesion within the firm, leading to achieving goals and objectives.

Corporate Strategy Case Study

Dollar Shave Club — A Case Study on How to Make It Rain (and what entrepreneurs can learn from it)

In case you’ve been too busy with Kanye/Taylor Swift gossip, a start-up called Dollar Shave Club (DSC) just got bought by the international consumer packaged goods (CPG) heavyweight Unilever for $1 BILLION. That’s more than even Austin Powers asked for.

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Ring Doorbell – A case study on how Ring modernized the doorbell, then its inventor, Jamie Siminoff, went to war against crime.

If booming sales, expanding offices and a parade of TV commercials hadn’t put Jamie Siminoff on the radar of the home security industry, an early March incident certainly did.

Four hours after the rumored collapse of a merger between a software start-up and security giant Honeywell, Siminoff took a cross-country red-eye, ready to swoop in with an offer of his own.

Avoiding a drawn-out acquisition process, Siminoff in a single day hired all 75 of the beleaguered start-up’s employees to work for Ring, his Santa Monica video doorbell company.

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