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Leadership Development and Coaching

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy

Effective Leadership requires continues learning. Successful leaders incorporate ongoing training and new practices to meet the needs of a dynamic workforce. Often organizations face challenges such as decreased revenue, poor employee morale, and low retention due to lack of training or development at the leader level. Studies show one in five employees is at risk of burnout due to low employee and leadership engagement.

Only when leaders act as role models by reinforcing the practice of learning, build sustainable systems to support talent development, and link those tactics to shared performance criteria will talent development truly become organic and essential. Leadership is a relationship requiring mutual investment and concern by all parties.

Typically, US based employers spend top dollar to develop their workers’ skills through training and education when the urgency arises. Waiting until sales decline, attrition is high, and morale is low are lagging indicators of the root cause. While 83% of employers agree that it is crucial to develop their employees’ skills, only 5% of corporations implement these improvements on a continuous basis. Lack of development and skill shortage go together. Many HR professionals have reported skills shortages related to leadership development. This trend comes at a time when HR professionals are citing leadership qualities as a sought-after skill for new hires. Most efforts at developing leaders and talent fail, yet the need for exceptional leadership at all levels has never been clearer.

Our approach to helping clients solve their leadership challenges begins with the fundamental understanding that leadership is not about personality; it is about behaviors. Our services and programs are designed to engage both key executives and developing leaders to be the best leaders possible. We will partner with your organization to provide customization services grounded in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. Our certified facilitator will guide you in coaching and empowering your internal professionals based on academic research and experience of ordinary people achieving great results.

In addition, we develop ongoing development booster and programs to encourage development throughout the employment life cycle.  

How we can help?

  • Leadership Skills Development (individual and/or team-focused)
  • New Leader Assimilation Planning
  • Onsite Group Development Workshops
  • Individual Leadership Coaching

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