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Marketing And Sales

The pulse of every organization: Sales and marketing alignment is a long-term strategy.

Sirius Decisions found that companies that align sales and marketing teams achieve 24% faster growth rates and 27% faster profit growth over a year period.

Gone are the days of the “ABC – always be closing” approach to sales and using cold call “spray and pray” techniques to find new prospects.  Today, sales are part of the wider marketing mix.

  • 92% of buyers start with an information search
  • 53% of buyers find that going online and researching is superior to interacting with a salesperson
  • 75% of buyers depend on social networks to learn about choosing the right vendor
  • 90% of buyers won’t take a cold call

According to Sirius Decisions:

In SaaS, the numbers are even more telling, with the average buyer not contacting (or wishing to be contacted by) vendors until they’re 57% through the sales process – which is set to rise to 80% by 2020. Sales and marketing teams should go hand in hand as one department in order to attract, inform and retain customers. The engagement expectations and experiences of the customer are changing rapidly for organizations across all industries globally.

Standard and traditional sales practices are no longer viable strategies given the competitive landscape and various direct customer ecommerce digital platforms. To create to the optimal level of impact, organizations must combine various resources which include CRM’s, Email Marketing Technology, Analytics tools, Marketing Software, Digital Media and other resources.

Organizations are working diligently to better anticipate the needs of consumers and meeting their clientele with personalized solutions which leads to enhanced customer experience and is then rewarded with tremendous brand loyalty. As the business environment becomes faster, leaner and more competitive, it’s increasingly imperative that companies implement, nourish, and focus on business development solutions that consistently Generate new business. Sales is the lifeline of every organization! Yet there are numerous reasons why companies neglect to refine such an effort although vital to their survival and future growth.

Do any of these comments sound familiar?

  • “We’re too busy to think about business development.” — It’s good that you are busy (and hopefully making money) but how long will this last without a systematic development effort? It’s important to be laying the groundwork for future business so that you’re busy 6 months from now…1 year from now.
  • We can’t spend the money right now because our finances are tight.” — The concern here is why are your finances tight? A major reason may be that you did not plant the seeds for new business and are now feeling the consequences. There may be slow times due to external factors, however, it’s crucial to keep these periods as short in duration as possible.
  • “We’re trying to hire a full-time development person but just haven’t found the right fit.” — Finding a qualified business developer is difficult. It’s even harder when a person in this position doesn’t work out as valuable time is lost. We can help during these times and be a constant presence for you. We often work in conjunction with full-time sales professionals to ensure you are seeing a consistent flow of leads and meetings.
  • “Everyone in our company has a hand in business development and this seems to be working okay for us.” — Wearing many hats is something few people do well. If employees have a sales/business development component added to their regular duties, the results are often mixed and uneven. We will ensure that the outreach effort your employees may be neglecting is conducted on a regular basic.

We offer you:

  • Customer segmentation
  • Voice of the customer
  • Customer management
  • Business development
  • Brand awareness
  • Trade promotion management
  • Category management
  • Resource allocation/coverage
  • Cost controls
  • Systems and automation
  • Policies and procedures

We work side-by-side with leading companies that choose to embrace revolutionary opportunities to redefine the future of sales, marketing, and pricing. Our goal is aiding clients to achieve commercial strategies and organic double-digit growth while improving marketing and sales efficiency and effectiveness. Allow TCCF to optimize your sales efforts and strategies.

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