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Operational Alignment

Optimizing organizational alignment and operations

A fragile global economic environment, increasing competition for talent, and a limited availability of experienced talent make it difficult for organizations to sustain competitive advantages. Now, more than ever before, optimizing organizational alignment and operations is critical to success.

Operational Alignment benefits are clear-cut to organizational leaders. A marksman’s accuracy is enhanced if his sights are properly aligned. In NASCAR, drivers pay particular attention to camber. Camber refers to the vertical tilt of a wheel if you are viewing it from the front or rear of the car. In an organizational context, camber is similar to vision. Poor alignment to your vision can make the difference between winning and losing.

The difficulty in transforming your organization correlates directly with your ability to gain and sustain adoption. Standardizing your organizational processes provides enterprises with flexibility and agility. Harmonizing practices and methods will allow you to leverage the benefits of cross functional teams, process clarity, and technology optimization, leading to sustainable adoption.

We accomplish desired results by focusing on the essential layers of organizational adoption, teams, and individuals. We work with management and leadership teams to evaluate the way information and reporting interfaces are cascaded within organizations. We collaborate with our clients to transform and implement operational and leadership strategies. We help teams optimize productivity by deploying process enhancement and continued improvement (CI) supported by innovative technology. We work one-on-one with individual employees to understand both the need for change and their critical role in achieving the task at hand.

Organizing structure, capabilities, and culture are critical for an industry-defining enterprise.  The key to your competitive advantage could be your well-oiled, industry leading team of people and organizational capabilities.

Allow The Crane Consulting Firm to help you fully harness the potential of your:

  • Leadership and culture
  • Supply chain management
  • Process operations
  • Innovation and production development
  • Systems review and evaluation
  • KPI and quality measures
  • Risk management planning

We’re here to help you get more out of your existing capabilities, Ask us How?

Corporate Alignment Case Study –

Strategic Alignment in Data Warehouses – Two Case Studies

This research investigates the role of strategic alignment in the success of data warehouse implementation. Data warehouse technology is inherently complex, requires significant capital investment and development time. Many organizations fail to realize the full benefits from it. While failure to realize benefits has been attributed to numerous causes, ranging from technical to organizational reasons, the underlying strategic alignment issues have not been studied.

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