In a Downturn, Focus on Existing Customers — Not Potential Ones

The markets are down, currencies are down, and inflation is up. While every downturn is different, these signals are familiar and they suggest we’re nearing a recession. New sales leads will start to slow, win rates will narrow, deals will take longer to close, and customers will start to churn. It can be a scary time, but we’ve been here before — and there’s a playbook for how to weather these conditions.

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When Should Your Company Develop Its Own Software?

Every company needs and uses software, and some is a significant driver of business success. But as small companies grow to midsize, software performance gaps can emerge. Finding new software solutions can fix problems and inefficiencies and help teams develop innovative products and services. But midsize company CEOs often face a difficult choice: whether to upgrade through a vendor or develop (a.k.a. “roll”) their own code.

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When Autonomy Helps Team Performance — and When It Doesn’t

How much autonomy is too much autonomy? While some companies take a rigid approach to assigning tasks, it’s become increasingly popular to allow employees a greater degree of freedom in determining what they work on, and with whom. Companies such as SpotifyGitHub, and Google have publicized their policies allowing employees to self-select the projects and teams they work with, arguing that by spurring higher levels of ownership and creativity, this strategy leads to better, more innovative ideas.

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