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When Should Your Company Develop Its Own Software?

Every company needs and uses software, and some is a significant driver of business success. But as small companies grow to midsize, software performance gaps can emerge. Finding new software solutions can fix problems and inefficiencies and help teams develop innovative products and services.

Navigating Cybersecurity Risks in International Trade

Digital trade is crucial for almost every company, but it also introduces new complications. When products or services that contain a computer or can be connected to the internet — which nearly every product or service does — cross borders, cybersecurity risks emerge.

Covid-19 Slammed Rental-Car Firms, Then Business Turned Around

Rental-car companies, crushed by a collapse in bookings at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, are now getting a lift

Mercedes introduces digital manufacturing platform for its plants around the world

Automotive giant Daimler Mercedes-Benz says it has introduced a new digitalisation initiative which makes “complex vehicle production completely transparent and maximises its efficiency”.

Dr. Phil & Dr. Oz Release Revolutionary Product, Causing Outburst In The Health Community!

“Users of Premium CBD are experiencing results that before now were only possible through prescription medication. It’s obviously a much cheaper, and safer alternative and because of that pharmaceutical companies are finding it harder to keep patients using their prescriptions.”

What Venture Capitalists (VCs) See For 2020

With the underperformance of IPOs like Uber and Lyft as well as the epic implosion of WeWork, the venture capital market has softened a bit. But then again, this year should still be quite robust—with over $100 billion in investments across more than 10,000 deals, according to estimates from PitchBook.